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How To Get Back Your Files From A Corrupted or Damaged SD Card


Hello Dears !!.. first of all thnx for clicking on this video. in this video im gonna show you how to Get back or Recover your files from a corrupted/damaged SD Card.
when your SD Card Or USB Flash drive is corrupted you have to format it in your pc.
before formatting you would be asking yourself about your files. can i get back my files if i format the SD Card..????
the answer is definitely YES..!!! because every problem has a solution if you seek.
if you have such kind of problem so you are at the right place. watch this video if you got any question feel free to ask.

to recover your files you will need this software. Download it from here..

or use this software instead.


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recover data from memory card


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  2. hello dear, i am having a problem with my memory card which was damaged a few days ago as it was shown in the notification bar of my mobile that it is damaged , i used a card reader to restore the data but unfortunately the card is ejecting itself after few seconds .. i can see the data over my computer but can not copy or delete because after few seconds 20 or 30, the card ejects and then reconnect .. i am trying to find a solution to recover my data.. will be thankful if somebody can help me out of this rut ..

  3. Dear thanks for this video..i have recovered all my pictures and videos from corrupted sd card.. but they are not playing ..system showing that you cant open this picture because WMP not supported this file format..
    please help me

  4. thank you very much bro
    When saw that my sd card is corrupted then i was very worried because i had saved almost all my data in my sd card, i thought that there is no solution to recover corrupted sd card files, but bro you made me to recover all my data, so thank you again bro ….
    And don't bother about your english, your english good and understandable…


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