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how to recover data from dead usb the easy way


how to recover data from dead usb the easy way
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I got a call the other day about a broken flash drive. “USB not recognized” message was popping up when a failed usb stick was plugged into the computer. Flash drive can stop showing up for may different reasons, from failed controller to bad memory and everything in between, so lets break it down.

One of the basic ways of recovering data from a non-working flash drive is to repair it. Certain components such as power input resistors, connectors, oscillators have a tendency to fail and leave you without access to the data. I checked the connector and resistor, and both were fine. For pen drive repair I could have tried to swap an oscillator, but I opted for something a little more “challenging”. One of the best ways to prevent data loss on flash drive is to have an identical working donor flash drive that can be used for the memory chip transplant. This client had purchased more that one flash drive, so I asked him to bring both of them in.

To recover data from a dead flash drive using a working donor flash drive is not a complicated task if you have the proper equipment. Both chips will need to be de-soldered. Good board and memory chip from failed usb stick would need to be wicked and prepped, and only then bonded by new solder. As long as the units are identical – it should work like a charm.

This process without fast-forwarding took me approximately 10 minutes to complete, and recovery was 100% complete. I highly recommend buying 2 identical flash drives specifically for this reason. It could be your best data recovery insurance next time your flash drive dies.

If you got a flash drive not showing up on your computer and you need data recovered from it. First, try to remember if you bought more than one of these flash drives. Second, contact us for flash drive recovery help.

Tools needed for this job.
Rework station to de-solder chips
Soldering iron with precision tip
Working identical donor

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  1. Yes, as he said "if your going to buy a USB buy 2 of the same one" not so he can use it to repair your shit in the future but so can back your shit up, so he won't have too, lol.

  2. kool nice work i wish i could learn this so can u suggest me where i can learn , i would like to become professional like u, i do some sort of recovery , i am from india.

  3. I'm amazed and impressed that you could manage that by hand. It's meant to be done by machines, after-all. I've done similar to swap SMD LED's on flash drives and game controllers, but the pads on these memory chips are SO CLOSE together. No room for error.

  4. Bro… I have 2 sandisk USB's of 32 GB… Few days back both were working fine… Today I check and when connected with computer (both the usb devices) in device manager it shows unknown device with Yellow Exclamation mark … Both of the usb device failed at the same time. I have swap the usb ports and also tried with different computer…. Still the same issue.. How we can fix this issue?

  5. is this any way to get files from our broken micro sd card i am very upset coz my sony 32 gb micro sd card was minor line break on it and it has some thing 18000 photos i want it back so pls help me plsss tell me how we can get it back

  6. I have had many troubles with defect usb sticks from "Intenso" lately. While the 16 GB version is pretty reliable the 32 and 64 GB versions are extremely bad. One stick suddenly could no longer be accessed (after less than a dozen uses) and the other i have can´t be fully loaded. When the last file to fill up the stick is written an error message appears saying the usb drive is write protected. Some days ago i have read an article saying manufacturers of usb sticks use recycled memory chips and other components. Do you know anything about that and could this be the reason why especially this usb sticks are that unrelieable?


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