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How To Repair A Corrupted SD Card or USB Flash Drive ( English )


in this video i will show you how to fix USB Flash or SD Card formatting problem. the method shown in this video will format your drive. use this tool to recover your DATA. https://goo.gl/FEhqBh

if you have a SD card or USB Flash drive. when you connected to pc it wants you to format it. if you try to format windows cant format your sd card. for more details please watch the video…

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recover data from memory card


  1. dont this to a 500gb dscard so far over 48 hours and just at 97% completed. thats what i get for buys stuff off the internet. its probably 16gb and made to look bigger

  2. No usable free extent could be found. It may be that there is insufficient
    free space to create a partition at the specified size and offset. Specify
    different size and offset values or don't specify either to create the
    maximum sized partition. It may be that the disk is partitioned using the MBR disk
    partitioning format and the disk contains either 4 primary partitions, (no
    more partitions may be created), or 3 primary partitions and one extended
    partition, (only logical drives may be created).
    showing this error

  3. These commands are not working. I were already used these commands many time in my win. 10 pro for my memory card Samsung evo plus 16GB. When format fs=fat32 percentages completed it shows that Diskpart has encountered an error: The parameter is incorrect. See the System Event Log for more information.


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